For Canadians: Import Measures/Export Requirement from US to Canada

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  1. Amethyst

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    Aug 8, 2011
    I was researching some import requirements of live animals .
    And I need some help .
    This is the hatchery I'm hopefully going to be able to receive ducklings from :
    So , what exactly am I supposed to do in order to be able to receive the ducklings ?
    Going to a post office in the US is out of the question .

    I am so confused , it's not even funny .

    Help would be much appreciated .

    Kso, if I order from the hatchery , I'll need the health certificate , right ?
    Which means I can't just not get it ?

    From the Canadian Food Inspection website , Day old chicks , which hopefully applies to ducklings, don't need an import permit ? Or a health certificate ? Unless , when they say ,
    "Were kept in an HPNAI free country, zone or compartment since they were hatched;
    Were derived from parent flocks which had been kept in an NAI free establishment* for 21 days prior to and at the time of the collection of the eggs;
    Are transported in new containers. "
    they mean that that information needs to be on a health certificate .

    Please help, it would mean to much . <3

    This is somewhat urgent , as my sister's birthday is approaching and I need to figure this out .

    Thanks ! <3
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  2. thekid

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    Were you from?
  3. thekid

    thekid Chillin' With My Peeps

    Found this on their website

    Do you ship out of the country?
    No! Federal and custom regulations make it too difficult to ship live birds out of the country. Also, the amount of time involved in shipping makes it prohibitive.

    If you are in Canada I know a hatchery there.
  4. Amethyst

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    Aug 8, 2011
    ^ I changed the topic because I found another hatchery . But if you know a hatchery here , that would be so much easier . C:
    I swear , I've probably clicked on every single link I could find , but it's worth a shot . xD
    Which one is it ?
  5. Cold Canadian

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    Jun 19, 2010
    Manitoba Canada
    If you're looking at chicks there quite a few USA hatcheries that will ship to a border town #zip and all you need to do is go there and pick up the chicks .etc from that location .These hatcheries will supply the health papers , which will cost up to $110.00 per order .Now there are a lot of people who go together on a order and split the cost of the paper work etc. If you need more info please PM me and I can hopefully help you with your answers .
  6. akaflowergirl

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    Oct 8, 2013
    I only know of mcmurray hatchery and they don't have all the breeds I want. Any others providing papers to come into canada?

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