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Apr 16, 2012
Ok, So i am almost for CERTAIN that these chickens are white rocks because these girls are FATTIES and they are about 8-9 weeks old!!! Look at how FAT!!!!!!!
Can someone give me the lowdown on white rocks??? Eggs laying?? I also have 5 red pullets that are 6 weeks and they are not even half the size of the fat girls! (And I have 4 new babies too...2 weeks old today!)
So...lowdown on the white i right? who has some and what do you think?
they are very yummy, i have 7 that are ready, just need to clean out the freezer.
so i just need to go ahead and assume they will not live long enough to even lay eggs???
go ahead and plan on cooking them?? they are SO FAT.
i mean, i really don't want to kill them but i don't want to walk out to the coop one day and i have 3 dead birds because they don't live long!
thats meat not fat.
I doubt they will live long enough to reach laying age, unless you have them on a restricted diet and keep them separate. They are fairly easy to process if you dont want to keep them whole. I cut and peel off the skin then fillet off the breasts and cut off legs, you dont have to clean out the guts either.

go check out the meat bird section
if i sell the birds to someone, how much should i sell them for? i don't want the meat from them at all. i want to get rid of them.

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