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Aug 28, 2010
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For people in the horse and eventing World...
Boyd Martin, who I know a little bit (he is very nice) had a barn burn down in the past 48 hours. There were 11 horses inside.... 4 were rescued, 1 escaped and ran away and 6 died... including the groom's horse. The 4 who survived include his 2 advanced level horses Nevel and Remington.... they and the other 2 are being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. My condolances to Boyd and Silva Martin. Accidents happen... but this one has moved me and a others in my area to have electrical wiring checked in older barns.
PLease everyone, lets try and prevent a fire happening in one of your barns.

Please everyone say a prayer for them, the grooms and the horses.
I've heard of those horses, so they must be legendary. So sorry for their loss.
How horrible for all involved.

I am very glad that some horses were saved, and hope the escapee is found safe.
We heard about this here too. Boyd and Remington's owners are customers of ours (although thankfully it wasn't our barn that burned!). An incredibly sad day; I can't imagine.

I've been involved in one "false alarm" fire where a stall fan (not one of ours, a barn's down the aisle... we were at a show) fell on a mat and made a lot of smoke but no fire THANK GOD, and it was probably the most surreal moment of my life. We didn't panic, and we didn't have to take the horses out, but I just remember thinking "This is not possibly happening right now. No way." Unreal.

So sorry for Boyd and Silva.

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