FOR SALE CA bay area- 6 layer hens and 2 bantam roos-pick up only


10 Years
May 2, 2009
The Redwoods of California
I have a few birds for sale, pick up only, from the Santa Cruz area.
I will try to include as many pics as I have.
All are excellent layers:
-California Grey, 2 years old, 15$
Excellent layer of jumbo white eggs.
-Red Shouldered Yokohama, one year old, 15$ (x2)
My yokohamas lay pretty well, and are EXCELLENT broodies, having gone broody at least thrice during their one year, but I had to break them. They make excellent mothers, if anyone wants to buy them for that purpose.
(although this pic is not of the two hens I'm selling, this is one of my other Yokohamas. I don't have pics of them, but they look like this one)

-Silver Lakenvelder, one year old, 15$
Sorry, I don't have a pic of her, but she is a very good layer.
-Buff Minorca, one year old, 15$
She has gone broody thrice in her life, but has had to be broken. It is very VERY rare to get a broody Minorca. (Shown broody in the pic)

-Gold Sex Link, 9 months old, 15$
sorry, no photo of her, either.
Excellent layer.

And a couple roos:
-Red Pyle OEGB, one year old, 10$
He is very pretty, very fertile, but undubbed and not show quality.

-Porcelain Dutch bantam, 10$
Sorry I don't have a better pic of him, but at least it's something.

PLEASE respond!

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