For those of us currently being tormented by cicadas...


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
An educational video!

It actually was very interesting and explained a lot about the little boogers that I didn't know.

That was really cool. I didn't know they were sucking sap all that time underground. I assumed they were just eggs or something. I like the way he could make the male cicada follow him around.

I've been meaning to send you a PM. 2 of my Silkies developed streamers, so I have 2 boys and 3 girls- thank goodness!
We only have the annual ones around here and there's never that many, so they haven't been bothering me much. I like seeing the leftover exoskeleton sticking to the trees.
We are in the midst of the worst of it right now. They are saying another couple of weeks and we should be done. It is deafening out there right now.

The video is pretty cool. I had no idea they ate sap underground either. I figured they were just in stasis or something.

Belle- I have been meaning to PM you too. How the heck are you? How is the new baby? I figured you were just insanely busy with the 4 kiddies. I need a picture of the tiny one, you know.

Whoohoo that you got two boys! Have they started laying yet? Is anything fertile? Can't wait to see what you hatch out.
Very cool video. I used to chase my sister with those too when I'd find their exoskeletons. It's a wonder she doesn't hate me, lol. Crickets, cicada skins, snakes, praying mantis, oh my!
Nah. They are just annoyingly LOUD! And they zoom around a lot. My sister did have one fly up her shirt the other day. That was pretty exciting.

My dogs have been chasing them and eating them. Popcorn on the wing.
Yes they fly and then they mate with spiders and their offspring lay in wait on your headboard each night.

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