for those of you having a hard time due to the recession

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    I've been meaning to post this for a while and kept forgetting. One place where you can get food if you need it ad other supplies that you may not have thought of is your local mosque. all muslims are required to give 2.5% of their savings as charity every year, and on one of our holidays (which was less than a week ago) you have a sheep, goat, or cow butchered and the meat distributed to those in need. and it does not matter if you are muslim or not. so if you are in need of food or money, a nearby mosque would probably be willing to help. the one I go to also runs a food bank program and usually has clothes. and even if they are out of money and you don't qualify for the food bank, they will take you down to the kitchen and find you something to eat if you are hungry.

    hope that helps someone.
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    Thats such a VERY nice thing that your mosque does. Thanks for sharing that info..hopefully it can help someone out..[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yes. Thank you. Very kind!
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    I never knew. I know some people in real need right now too. So what do they have to do in order to get some food, just head over to the mosque? I've never been inside... do you just walk in and look for someone? Do you need to call first, or are there special hours?
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    well, our local mosque has someone in the office i believe from 9 to 5 monday thru friday. your best bet is to go on a friday beween noon and 3, because that is when we hold prayers so there is guaranteed to be someone you can speak with available. but your local mosque could be different.
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    My bestfriend/childhood friend is muslim, a mosque is essentially a church, a religious haven in times of need. I'd assume, like many churches and synagogues, just go in. I know my friends mosque has a food bank (he's in the uk) which is at the back with a seperate entrance, you go down there.

    The Sallybash near my old house had a soup kitchen open between 6 and 10pm or something like that and you just went in, lined up, got your food and either stayed to eat or went home to feed your family. We never used it, but my riding coach was going through real tough times and wouldn't accept money from my parents (long time family friend) but asked if my mum would drive her to the Sallybash soup kitchen to pick up some dinner for her 3 kids (she often went without so her kids could eat).
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    Quote:Our church participates in Angel Food. FYI, it is for anybody, not just those in need. I'm thinking of ordering a Senior box for one of my aunts.
  9. That's information that my family could really use. There is an organization here in Florida, Gainesville area, that will provide and help you grow your own garden. I just got the information yesterday while I was at a food bank (not the church). I left the information in the truck but I will post the information when I get out there in the morning, no way am I going out to the truck in this storm! (North Florida is under Tornado Watch).
    They said that they will help you build a box garden and will provide you with the soil, organic fertilizer, seeds, and other things that are needed to grow your own organic garden.

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