For those of you that raise meat goats, questions

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    My husband and I are thinking about raising Boer goats for meat. I have done some searching on the internet in regards to feeding, fencing, etc. However, the hardest thing I am finding on the internet is cost of raising them. So for those of you that raise meat goats would like to know costs of raising, and breeding. I know cost is going to depend on types of hay one uses plus region of US where one is at. I am located in the Bay Area of Ca. So if there is anyone on here in Ca. that can respond that would be great. And would also appreciate others responding from other areas of the US.

    What does it cost per year for feeding breeding stock (doe, buck)?

    I know the kids you can take to slaughter when they are different weights, roughly how much does it cost you to raise them to those different slaughter weights and what type of price are you getting per pound? And are you making a profit after they have been slaughtered, if so what kind of profit are you making on them?

    Also, if you sell the kids and don't take them to slaughter but sell them to the public what type of price do you ask for them? Again, are you making a profit on selling them and if so what kind of profit are you making on them?

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    I'm in So. Cal, but I don't have meat goats so I can't help any with the questions about slaughtering. You can try posting your question at also, I think there may be more meat goat people there.

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    we save money by my DH picking up corn from the farmers fields, he shells it, grinds it and mixes it for the chickens, and a bit for the goats, also we figure the money we save by giving it to the chickens we can buy more feed for the goats. we also have a alfalfa hay field so we have lots of hay. plus lots of pasture, we sell the goats when they get about 80 lbs.
    we also have our neighbor who has boer goats too so we swap billies so we don't have inbreeding. is a good spot also.
    we always give tetnus shots too.. and regular worming and good hoof care.
    good luck!

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