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  1. gottalovemychickens

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    Im a new dad of twins and they were born 10 1/2 weeks early and going thru some tough times right now in the NICU .

    I need your prayers on their health and my sanity , im going thru alot right now with there mom who is being the worst person ever right now and i dont know how much longer ill be able to hold out

    I sware chickens sorta have a calming effect , i got really stressed over the issue tonight , went out into the huge 16x16x9 coop and laid down , 4 of my chickens came over and fell asleep next to me and i ended up falling asleep . I love my Chickens, My daughters and everyone out there with a heart ......

    .... I give my thanks in advance !!! Thanks again !!!
  2. Eggs4Sale

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Prayer said...

    I know it's hard, but don't forget the physical trauma DW is going through right now. Spending your days in the NICU after giving birth is a physical punishment. Been there, remember every awful second of it. I assume the NICU is near enough to your home, so you don't need to stay in a motel. Thank God for that!

    May God ease your stress, heal your babies and your wife, and bring you all home together.

  3. Capone

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    Jul 27, 2009
    Rhode Island
    when my last son was born. my wife was so bad she wouldnt even feed the baby. you just hang in there, you have to be the strongest out of all. i wish your babies good health.
  4. AngelzFyre

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    First off, congrats on your new twins!
    I'm praying for you and the twins and their mom and will continue to do so.
    It's very hard on all of you I know, but just remember your wife's body has been through heck and back and hormones running rampant.
    Not that it's an excuse...but it is [​IMG] She won't be herself for awhile, it's not's stuff she cannot control!
    Hang in there and know that it'll pass and there are people out here that DO care and are praying for you and your sweet family.
    Take regular breaks out with your chickens, or a long walk... and whatever else makes you feel better and just be there for your wife and new babies. Take care of yourself so that you can stay strong when they can't.

  5. English Chick

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Prayers to you all from over the pond....... and many congrats to you and your DW on the birth of your daughters......

    You are doubly blessed......... will contiue to keep you in my prayers and that your girls and your DW get stronger each day.... [​IMG]
  6. Elite Silkies

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    My prayers are with you and your babies. I spent 2 weeks in the NICU with my premature twins. One was not breathing at birth. I now have beautiful 8 yr old girls that are full of life. Keep your faith, you need him more now than ever............ God is with your babies.

    Do you think your wife has postpartum depression? I got that after my first child, and it is horrible. It is something that she can not control if she has it. Bare with her, she needs you right now too.
  7. gottalovemychickens

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    well just a update , sorry i didnt say at first , im not married and my ex wants to use the twins to get checks from me
  8. Eggs4Sale

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Well THAT puts a different spin on it.
  9. Eggs4Sale

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    Jun 29, 2009
    And they are yours?
  10. gottalovemychickens

    gottalovemychickens SaveAChickenRideACowboy

    yes they are mine !

    i will find out in the next day or two if they are going to me or staying with mom , but see the funny thing is . In california she still has failed to pay 5000$ worth of child support and she thinks that she will be able to get it from me

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