For those who were asking about a lower watt red bulb


10 Years
Nov 16, 2009
Midland, TX
Found them at Petsmart.

The 250 was too much so we got the next one down, 100 W.

Just glad they had some!
Fantastic! We have searched high and low for a lower watt red. We don't have Pet Smart in this area, but I am going to see if they have a web site. Thanks for the info!
I should think you could find them at any pet store that sells supplies for lizzards and snakes. I have seen them at petsmart and petco. They are REALLY REALLY expensive though.
Yeah, I found them at our local Petco and they're like $9 for a stinking red lightbulb! They know they have you over a barrel. I wonder what a search online would come up with...but then again, shipping lightbulbs is just a bit riskier than shipping eggs.
Yes, they are heat lamps. they are designed to go into aquariums to heat lizzards, snakes and such. they come in 45, 60, 75 and 100 watts.
I can't keep my brooder under 90 no matter how high I lift it and right now its well aobve a foot HIGHER than our brooder wall.

We just have 4 chicks so we don't need a lot of room or a 250 W bulb.

My chicks have been hiding in the far corner too, my main sign.
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