Foreign dove ready for release?

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    Oct 29, 2013
    Ok well here is my story, I rescued a dove (they say he about 8 months old] he's much better now ( I have had him for a week ) and I'd like to release him back in the area where I found him but I don't seem to see his kind flying in that area anymore.
    The day I saved him there were other doves trying to coach him off the road and I saw the same flock in the area for 3days after ( this is a route to daughters school, so I drive it daily ) now I know longer see them out there. The weather is changing here in Modesto California, so I'm worried.

    So do doves fly to different area for winter? Is it ok to release him even though I don't see other doves out there. I have a beautiful backyard with plenty of birds, can I release him here? Will they except him/her?

    It's been 7 days now, I know the longer I keep/ feed it will be harder for this bird to adapt back in the wild.

    Please someone out there, I need guidance.

    Thank and bless
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    May 9, 2013
    Release him/her,but leave water/feed outside somewhere in the event he/she is nervous about leaving right away. Dove should be able to locate his/her own kind. There are several websites pertaining to doves.they would have the information you need.

    Years ago i rescued a baby mourning dove,her mother was killed by a cat and she was going to be next. Pulled the baby from cats mouth and brought her home. I had to feed/water her from my mouth(crazy,but this is how my father said it was done). She grew into a beautiful dove,i tried to release her,she would have no part of this and keep trying to get back into home. I kept her,we had several years together,she slept in my room on a pillow,followed me around the house and at Christmas time loved to sit in the Christmas tree and coo. Her name was Wendy,i loved her very much,this was the start of my love for birds. I was absolutely devastated when she passed away.
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