Former 'Sick Box' now known to be Polish- Bantam or not? Pic w/eggbox


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I got this cute little baby at the local Orscheln today. It was there in a box with a chick that was breathing its last breaths on Friday afternoon, and seeing it still there today, I couldn't help but try to save the little thing!

It's definitely a week or so behind my others in development. I think it looks shaky but pretty good.

Here's the thing: it was labeled Mottled Houdan. I didn't know enough about Houdans to recognize one's conspicuously missing a fifth toe.

Secondly, it looks nothing at all like the pics I've since found of Mottled Houdan what have I got? And how old? And is it foolish to try to save babies in a case like this? Am I nuts? ...Wait- I know that answer.


It clearly has a pouf on its head, and it's a lovely silver with a bit of a yellowish ring around its pouf.


I can't possibly identify what may someday pass as a comb.

It's high energy and thrilled to not be alone any longer. It is getting along fine with my two 2-3 week old buttercups and two 2 week old pekin bantams. I've got enough space in the brooder for it to get away if it likes and also for it to get more heat than the others if it chooses. It's less than half the size of the buttercups.

Any suggestions? It seemed super wobbly on Friday, and I washed it's crust butt when I got it home and it toppled a couple of times trying to preen its booty, but other than a bit of a wobble, it seems like it wants to try hard and may be fine. I'm on my second round with chicks ever, so I'm needing cheerleaders and experienced voices.

Thanks all for your help!
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Good for you! I'm so glad you were able to bring the little one home. And how perfect that you have chicks in similar age already! I wouldn't have been able to leave it there either.

To me, it looks just like my silver laced polish hen did as a new chick. But, keep the pictures coming, because they change so quickly. I go to study Polish!!! I'm going to know everything about every breed if I don't watch it. I will eventually all of them, anyway...the way this addiction is kicking my butt!!!

that is a silver laced polish chick or goldlaced, but i am thinking silver laced.

i wouldnt have put it in with my chicks. you dont know what your dealing with and you could spread it to your chicks.
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