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Oct 13, 2013
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I was reprimanded today by another user for something. I'm not a regular forum user- I come by when I have a problem or concern and there's always an answer here.
I love the site and try to be respectful. However, some people don't memorize the rules and make mistakes. Seems like the user 'forum patrol' gets upset and responds rather rudely. (Not the admin- just random perfect users)
So my question is:
Should we use the forum at all? Would people rather not have the casual users on here?
I get the we, the uninformed, can be frustrating. But manners apply on forums as well, right? Like real world manners, and online manners?
If I'm not wanted on the site, then I won't post.
I'm rather upset with this issue.
If there is an issue you feel is against the rules or inappropriate, use the red flag in the offending post to report it.
Do not respond or quote or otherwise react and the staff will look at it and take any necessary action.
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