found a dead chicken..

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    so out of having 27 chickens in my entire experience, 8 have died of predators or unknown cause (2 predator, 6 unknown death) in 2 years. I found her dead under the roosts. Her neck seemed arched and limp. Her face was pale when it was bright red just yesterday. I didn't really pay attention to the details this morning and so didn't notice that one was missing (if she had died last night) because I was rushing to get to school. And the worst part is.. I went outside and the 11 new chicks (they are about 10 weeks) were sleeping on top of her.. under the roosts. I'm worried they could have contracted some disease. I'm really worried.

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    [​IMG], one of mine died this way, from what we could figure out she fell off the roost and broke her neck. if she was fine right before she probably didnt have a disease I would guess, but im certainly no expert.
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    Sorry to hear that
  4. Any time a chicken in your flock dies suddenly, you should carefully check every bird carefully for body condition and external parasites. You should also consider worming your chickens if they haven't been wormed recently.

    Sorry for your loss.

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