Found a juvenile bird, looks healthy but cannot stand... splay legs??


12 Years
Sep 9, 2010
Saint Paul, MN
Hi guys,

Today on my run I found a fledgling crow. I realize that it's not a poultry species... but since this forum has so many amazing members and since birds all share a common physiology (for the most part), I thought I'd see if you guys had any insights.

It's got all its feathers, and is at the stage where it would leave the nest. It's a little malnourished, but alert and otherwise appears healthy. However, it can't seem to situate its legs under itself in order to stand. The leg muscles feel very small, but it can grip well with its claws and move its tail, so I don't think a spinal injury is the cause. Anyone know of an avian disease that might cause this?

My hope is that the little guy was simply the smallest member of a crowded nest and didn't get to exercise/develop its muscles.

EDIT: It does resemble the descriptions of splay leg I just found. However, all the cures I read were all about very young chicks. Is it still possible to cure splay leg in an older bird? I think this guy's about a month old.

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