Found a pip on a cold egg :(


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Day 24, bator has been unplugged for at least 24 hrs, maybe longer. It's been a busy weekend and the eggs were still sitting there. I was so sad 'cause we'd had only one egg hatch out of almost 3 dozen. And only one out of the half dozen before that. Both chicks got cemented to their shells and had to be helped out, and the second one was slimy also. Obviously I have humidity problems this year! (thought I was doing the same as last year when we had excellent hatches--all on shipped eggs both years). Anyway, I babbling...

This morning I went to throw a half dozen blue wheaten ameraucana eggs out and found that one had a pip!
It must have happened yesterday afternoon or last night because it was right on top of the egg and I hadn't seen it before! The egg is stone cold and the chickie looks dead
I almost burst into tears seeing it. I put it back in the bator and turned it back on.

I can hope for a miracle right???


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