Found California quail eggs please help!!


Jul 20, 2016
Hi! I live in southern bc where quail are an abundance. I noticed a nest of 16 eggs in my planter yesterday, i have not seen an adult come to the nest since its been found. Ive been checking regularily. So i have a few questions because i have absolutely no idea about this stuff. Considering its usually 30°c weather where i live, do quail normally sit on their nest, or can/will they hatch on their own? Is it possible this has been abandoned or not viable, is so, how can i tell? I havent touched or disturbed the nest at this point. But id really rather not have rotting eggs right outside my house. Ill wait for these answers to do some more follow up questions!
usually the mom comes back form feeding in a couple of hours, and if not something must have happened. Have you been watching it for a long time, or only short periods occasiaonly? They sit on their nest. If you don't see a hen for like a week, you should probably just throw the eggs away although it's unlikely a mother would abandon it's nest
Hi. Thanks for your reply. There was no quail for 4 days so i made a call to our local petting farm who usually takes in animals and they took the eggs and put them under a heat lamp tosee if they would hatch (i candled a few and could see they were half dark/not glowing, which from what i had seen on the subject suggested there were babies inside. Its been 13 days since the day i found them, and 9 days under a heat lamp (its the best we could do) . I have low hopes. But we will see!

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