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    Apr 1, 2009
    Hi all, yesterday my neighbour found a chicken walking around near allotments in our area. After looking around he dint find any coop or any person around who mite own the chicken. He decided to bring it home as it was very tame and easy to handle. It has a tagg around one leg but there are no markings of any sort on it! The bird seems to be in excellent condition!

    I own three chickens and there are about a year of age and regularly laying. I sectioned a part of the coop off and put the found hen in until it's reported missing or someone comes looking.

    What I am wanting to know if no 1 claims the chicken would it be safe to put in with my own? I got mine from a reputable breeder so I know they have had any injections etc against salmonella or any other diseases. This chicken seems to be alit younger then mine not to POL even. I wouldn't mind keeping it but if it's not been innoculated I don't want it's eggs in with my own!

    Any advice?

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    If she is in the same coop close to your chickens, they have already been exposed to whatever she might be incubating. Since yours are vaccinated, there is probably no danger. I don't underestand why you don't want it's eggs in with yours. Eggs don't get sick.

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