Found LED light at tsc great for candling, I can c through brown eggs!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by lady and her girls, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. lady and her girls

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    Oct 19, 2009
    I am not advertizing this but it works great. I bought a mini LED flash light at TSC made by perfornance tool. It has a lens that is about an inch wide and its all of 4 inches long and on the very end is the push button switch. it was on an end cap next to the brooder lights. I just candled some eggs and I could see into the darkest of brown egg that I have! I think we should have a "look what I found" section. for equiptment finds products to improve our work and any other feather related finds. It has nine led bulbs. comes with batteries and is a bought 3 bucks.
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  2. The Sheriff

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    Jun 17, 2009
    Northern CA
    Could I ask the price? I am wondering if it is comparable to the Surefire which is pricey at $85.00.
  3. Cindiloohoo

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    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    I got the same one she/he (sorry) is talking about I think and if it is the same it was about 6 bucks and had batteries with it [​IMG]
  4. Stumper

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    Dec 16, 2009
    Fayetteville Arkansas
    I seen them at TSC, but I went to office depot and bought a bunch of em for stocking stuffers and they were the same ones for $4.. And yes they are very bright and useful!
  5. TK Poultry

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    May 25, 2009
    Greencastle, Indiana
    ok since im going to TSC this weekend for feed im probably going to buy this just to try it but i feel kinda of dumb asking this and pardon if im hijaking the thread but how do you use this device or any for that matter to candle an egg i understand the concept just not the technique i guess [​IMG]
  6. chickenmeadow

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    To candle using a smaller handheld 9 led or even better the small handheld NEBO (both were under $10) flashlight (at 7 or 10 days, 14 days & 18 days just before lockdown). You always have to candle in the dark, so I've found that my closet seems to be the darkest day or night. Grasp/hold the flashlight with light facing up, make a circle with your thumb touching your index finger. The egg will sit in the "finger circle" laying down sideways. With this method you can see near the middle of the egg, the chick developing (starts to look like a dark mass at 10+ days), you can see the egg white part at the pointed end of egg diminish as the chick grows & you can watch the air cell at the wide end of the egg (just move egg to shine light thru the wide end side) grow thru the days to proper size for the days of incubation (which has to do with proper humidity, too much or too little humidity). Sounds like most everyone on this thread may be talking about the flashlight with the metal casing in blue, red, etc. Hope that helps!

    Pictured from top to bottom: regular led flashlight (grey/blue), small 9-led flashlight (metal blue, comes in other colors), small NEBO flashlight (pink, comes in other colors). *NEBO is the best one* but not easy to find. Both of these flashlights were under $10.
    Small 9-led works good enough to see air cell, dark mass/chick, & clear egg white; sometimes some movement but not easy. This pic is a test thru my hand.
    Small NEBO is the best one. You can see egg veins, movement, air cell, dark mass/chick, & clear egg white very, very well. This pic is a test thru my hand. Oooooo! Spooky!
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  7. Sequin

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    May 20, 2008
    LOVE this little flashlight. Saw one at a dog show - only they said it was supposed to illuminate where dogs have pee'd. Don't know if that is true or not, but the light is Really bright. Very handy to have around - and at a great price too!! [​IMG]
  8. cw

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    Jan 11, 2009
    green co.
    Quote:yea i like the look what i found idea for the forum
  9. Mahonri

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    May 14, 2008
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    I bought an LED Lenser at Home Depot for $50.

    I can see into DARK Marans eggs as well as Olive and green.
  10. flgardengirl

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    Dec 2, 2009
    Sunny side up :)
    I found a 12 led brinkman flashlight at home depot for under 6.00. It is really bright. It is small and has the button on the end. I tried candling some fridge brown eggs with it (just to test it) and can see through them perfectly. I haven't tried it on my incubated marans eggs yet but will be candling those on Sunday.

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