Found my pullet under a bush in a small pool of blood

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    I heard a noise, I went checked on the girls and found 4 of them under a tree very alert. Their necks were high and they were very quiet. I looked for the other 2 and one was very still on a flower bed, and the other was 3 feet below the under a bush. She was laying down. I went to pick her up and she didn't try to move which is unusual. I did notice a small pool of blood on a leaf. I can't find an injury though. I brought her inside. The others had to be picked up by hand and placed back in their coop. They didn't want to move. Maybe it was an aerial predator, but I can't be sure. Could it be something else?



    She is just laying down on the couch. She allowed me to examine her and is sleeping now. She pooped but didn't even bother to stand up and stretch it out like she normally does. Can anyone tell me what I should do?

    Thank you kindly.
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    It sounds like an aerial predator. After a hawk attack, I had a hen that went into shock and she acted like that. Even though I couldn't find any injury on her, there were pulled feathers lying around where she was hit. She wouldn't eat or drink so I dipped her beak in sugar water several times every couple of hours so she would drink by reflex. As she gradually came out of the shock (it took two days), I could tell by her stiff movements that she was sore. She eventually made a full recovery and resumed laying a few weeks later.

    Best of luck to you!

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