Found quail half dead gasping for air


Dec 9, 2012
SF Bay Area
i just went out to feed my jumbo coturnix and found one on her side unable to walk gasping for air and covered in ants. Any clue what could have caused this? I went ahead and put her down since it seemed pretty obvious she wasn’t going to get better and it looked like an awful state to be in. Do you guys think I should be worried about my other quail?
I just went to take a closer look at the rest of them and one of my two males is droopy and sad looking and has a bit of blood on his beak so I don’t know if he just got in a fight and is feeling bad from that or if he’s sick with something. I couldn’t see any other blood on anyone but there was a bit of what looked kind of like flesh from inside a birds reproductive tract or something on the cage floor where the female that I put down was laying, but when I had looked her over I hadn’t noticed an injury but I may have just not seen it. The birds seemed excited for their feed as per usual, but with the dying bird in my hand I wasn’t paying super close attention to all of them.

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