Found something in their poop


5 Years
Oct 2, 2014
Ottawa, On
Anyone known what these strange brown lumps are? I found them in the chickens (or turkey/duck/goose) poop from last year (thawing out from under the snow now) but it's only in some of the pools and not all of the ones I saw. Just want to make sure it's not something bad like an internal pest or so.

These poops are outside in a fenced pasture (with pond) where I only had poultry last year and we level three years ago with a bulldozer (and fence two years ago). They are around the door area so more concentrated but I didn't check if poops in other parts looked the same, but from what I saw it wasn't all only some of them. I wish I knew which birds they were from at least I could narrow it down more.

I wouldn't know what it is if it was seeds or whatnot. I didn't feed them anything other then the 'usual' - which consists of their mash diet and some wheat here and there but this isn't wheat. Treats usually consist of lettuce, bread or sometimes veggies but nothing I wouldn't recognize the seed of.
Update... so it does seem to be seeds but they are literally everywhere (not necessarily in poop - found some in a leftover 'feed pile') - they couldn't possibly be grass or clover right? I don't recognize it :/


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