Foundation for your coop?


5 Years
Apr 12, 2014
I am a total newbie here, so please forgive the questions if they seem simple. I have seen several people pouring a concrete foundation and digging post holes, is this really necessary? I was hoping to build a structure that just sits on the ground. I plan to have no more than 4 hens. Also, I am in west michigan, so winters are cold and snowy, do those in similar climates insulate and run electricity to your coop? Where I would like to place my coop in our yard, it would be very hard to run electricity to it. Thanks so much in advance for you help!!!
To me simpler is better a lot of ppl build there coops n runs better than prisons! Honestly a plain ol' coop n run is fine personally I like the hoop coops and have built one. I've never really felt I've needed electricity at my pens or plumbing for that matter. You can buy that styrofoam insulation and glue it to the walls and ceiling in your coop and the chickens body heat would keep em fairly warm!
If you use pressure treated wood where it touches the ground you should be ok for a number of years, no need to insulate the more ventilation the better to remove moisture and ammonia out what's the sense of insulation if you have vents open, build a apron of wire around the entire thing to keep anything from digging in, electricity is a great bonus for me with the water heater I work all day and don't have time to go out and change waterers twice a day I just set it and forget it.

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