Foundling Rooster and his quest for acceptance

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    Thanksgiving weekend we pull into my dad's, and I spot a rooster standing in the side yard all by himself. I started talking to him, and he made a big show of ignoring me, while coming closer at the same time. Eventually, he started hanging around in the driveway with us. Not a hen in sight, strange because I know a neighbor of my dad's has chickens and they range on occasion.

    I left him to it, thinking he belonged over on the next road and was only visiting the park and my dad's house.

    Next day, we're back at my dad's. Rooster was standing off in the park again. He came trucking on over when we pulled in. I was thinking he was sure spending a lot of time alone and away from home. Perhaps the crazy little Banty rooster ran him off, but I didn't see any evidence of a butt whooping on him.

    It was getting on towards dark, so I figured I would watch and see where he went to roost. As the sun was going down, I followed him into the woods, and watched him hop into a honeysuckle bush. As soon as I knew it was too dark for him to leave, I left to wait on full dark when I could snatch him easily. Hopefully he stayed within reach!

    Later on I found him one bush over, at about head height. With a nice branch at the perfect angle to make him the easiest meal a raccoon ever had. So we brought him back to my dad's, and installed him on a ladder my dad had on the porch. Stored him there until we were ready to leave.

    We get him home, name him Stuart, and set him up in a dog crate in the coop. I already know what to expect from my hateful hens. The leader, Red, is quite willful. She'll even tries to boss ME, and wing dance or flog or whichever mood you catch her in.

    The next day, we release them. Stuart is young, maybe 5 months old. Not much crow either. We'll see how long that lasts, he may be moving to the country if he changes his tune. But for now, he's been quiet, the last 3 days we've had him.

    So the flock dynamics. Red is in charge. Second in Command is Wheaties. Bluebird is Red's BFF, and Splashes is Wheaties BFF. Wheaties was in charge before Red took over. Then there is Speckles and #6, part of Reds group. They have the lowest standing.

    Stuart has been trying the most with Splashes. If he can gain her acceptance, Wheaties will come along with her and they can shift the power from Red, maybe.

    He's tried with Red, but she has made it plain to him that he means nothing to her. Bluebird backs her up on it. Speckles has taken a shine to him, but Red runs her off. He doesn't seem too keen on Speckles, regardless of her flirtations, since her flock standing won't really help him out much.

    Yesterday, I was thinking maybe he just has no idea how to be a rooster. It's likely he came from a batch of Red Star hens, was an accidental male, or bonus bird, and right when he was old enough to crow, he was dumped at the park. He went from brooder to woods without much life experience.

    So we call the birds over for some treats, and he hovers about 6 feet away. They've been chasing him every time he gets close, so he just watches from the fringe. My husband makes Red squat. That got his attention! When Red was sent on her way, he walked the long way around, came up behind her, flared out his neck feathers, and as soon as he went to grab her, she turns and sees him. He quickly yawns, flattens his feathers, and turns away! All like "I wasn't trying nuth'n". Hahahaha!

    I kept taking a break from yard work to call the girls for treats. He watches me get their attention. He's tried a couple of times. I gave him some Kale out of the garden to try to call them with, but they just took it from him and sent him packing.

    He's such a wimp. Not much crow either. Time will tell what sort of rooster he'll become, and how long he can stay here. I've had roosters before, but not in this neighborhood. Too many houses. But maybe not for a quiet one. I'm due for some replacement hens, and I always buy eggs to hatch. It would be nice if he could figure this out and I could keep some daughters from my own birds!

    Pretty sure he's a Red Star rooster. I have Marans and Swedish Flower hens... so the cross might be interesting. He'll add egg production, if anything.

    He's still sleeping in a dog crate, for his own safety. Dad said he had been hanging around for about a week, over in the park. Healthy bird though, not so much as a mite on him. Good feather too, bright eyed and clean nostrils. I would have quarantined him if he had a crusty face and or other signs of illness, but he's in great shape. After having chickens for some 16 years now, I pick and choose when to quarantine what. I'm pretty sure someone raised him up, and dumped him off when they realized he was a male and they didn't know what else to do with him.

    Why else would a rooster find himself alone in an urban park, roosting in honeysuckle bushes? He seems pretty content with himself now, trying to win over at least one hen. No luck yet. But today is a new day, perhaps he'll make some progress. But here he is, standing alone for now. He's people friendly, and seems to think with caution more so than the "blinded by hormones" type. There is hope for him! He didn't barge in and take control, he's being very nonchalant, not pushy, just asking.

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    Aww what a nice little guy!

    I enjoyed reading the story and hope that he is quiet enough for you to keep.
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    Jun 13, 2013
    He sounds like a sweet little roo with a good personality-. Good treatment of the others is such a great attribute. And he's so cute too. So great that he found a happy home with you!
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    Jul 19, 2013
    I was beginning to think the same thing about our rooster. The rooster we had died and the girls have been my themselves for a few months. But they were getting so honorary with each other we thought we would try a rooster again. So we brought one in and he 7 months. He is 9 months now and all the girls are under his keep. So I think he will do what he is suppose to do just give him a few months.
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    May 10, 2014
    Do you still have your rooster? Curious about him, and I enjoyed reading the story!

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