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Its been a while since my last post due to the Holidays (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Belated). Thought I would share some saddened news for you all here at BYC.

When I purchased my first chickens, I was told they were all hens. As they grew older, I began hearing at least one of them crowing. I even posting on here if that was possible. Found out I could have a hen that does not know better but everyone wanted to see pics. Well I couldn't find the time to do this yet I was able to discuss this with a gentleman at work who also raises chickens. After viewing my 5 birds, he laughed and told me I had 4 roos and 1 hen. I couldn't begin to tell you how I felt ...

Well I had to get rid of at least 3 roos or they would have killed each other and I fret to think of what could have happened to the hen if they all stayed. o yesterday I gave two Doms and the RIR to my Step-Son who assured me they wont be slaughtered but will be kept as farm chickens and will be able to free range on the land he has. Not sure if this is his true intentionI wont have to clean or feed them as often I as have had to before. but none the less, I am now down to 2. A male and female Dom I have affectionately named Ralph and Alice.

Apparently a man of "30 years experience" with chickens could not tell the difference between a male and female chicken or maybe he seen me coming with that big ol sign on my forehead that read "Gullible and Will Believe Anything You Tell Me".

Good news is I have plenty of room in the coop now and

Anyone ever go through something like this?
Oh, yeah. Sexing chicks can difficult. I've learned to not believe what most chicken sellers tell me and look closely what they have for sale. The birds' condition and the facility will tell me what kind of person I'm dealing with.
The pullets all looked good to me and I was forewarned about purchasing pullets at an auction, my first choice to go, so it wasn't a question of health. Well he did use Sevindust on his birds but they still looked in good health and when I gave them away, they were as healthy as all get out.
The first time I went to a farm to get chicks, the woman told me they were all girls and if any happened to be boys she would trade me. Yeah right. I was early into chicken raising and didnt know better. Iwas told they were barred rocks too. I got 5 boys 3 were black sex link and 1 barred rock and 1 barred rock hen. Now i know sometimes they can be hard to tell being chicks, but black sex link you can tell at hatch and barred rocks now I know can tell at about 3-4 weeks. sometimes sooner.This woman saw me coming.
It's unfortunate, but it happens. I'm sorry you had to give up so much of your first flock.

Have you thought about getting a few more chickens, yet? Maybe she'll go broody for you this spring. Watching her raise a little family of chicks would probably do your heart good. They are so adorable together. Or maybe you'd like some other breeds in your flock, too. I hope you have good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future.
I had the same thing happen this year. Our entire flock was killed while our neighbor was pet sitting so I was looking for chicks in september(bad timing). The guy told me they were all sexed pullets and if any turned up roo he would take them back. I bought 15 and had 7 roos! Of course the guy would not return my calls. He is still advertising and his ad actually says "know what your buying" what an ass!
I have thought about it but it will have to wait until at least Spring. I was considering keeping the two and see what happens. When you say Broody, do you mean when she lays on her eggs? With just two in the coop, I think there is a good chance this might happen.
I hear ya mammat. I got hooked up with this guy through an associate at work. Now the guy nor the associate will speak to me. I suppose it is due to the fact that I am not from Alabama and lack the southern twang and the desire to root for one of their football teams. ...
How old were your chicks/"pullets" when you got them??? Most (even those with 30 yrs. experience in keeping chickens) folks don't know how to vent sex. Some can feather sex, but only in the first few days. The white dot/spot on the head (assuming it works the same for doms as it does BRs) is only good for the first week or two. Time factors in heavily when sexing chicks. So it could have been an honest mistake (although he shouldn't have called it as definite pullets).
But he could also have been playing you.
Even the mail order chicks are only 90% guar. if you order pullets. Or just get older, POL pullets next time, where you can tell by hackle/saddle feathers...

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