Four pullets need breed identities...


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May 30, 2012
We received four pullets from someone on Craigslist but can't contact them again to determine exactly which breeds they are. We're new to chickens so can someone help us! We believe we know three breeds from what we were told but want to verify they are correct and identify the fourth. We believe they are all about 5 months old based on what we were told and they are not laying yet but have grown a good amount over the month we have had them. We know that he told us three breeds of Rhode Island Red (Black), Ameraucana, Silver-laced Wyandotte and the fourth was a Special Crested but don't know what breed.

The first one...

Second one...

Third one...maybe Rhode Island Red? Hopefully not a rooster...

Fourth one...

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In your ?RIR pic, which of the three chickens do you mean?

I don't think that's a silver-laced Wyandotte.

You might be right on the ameracauna, but I'd bet it's just an Easter egger rather than a true one. True ameracaunas are hard to come by. Does it have the cheek puff feathers?

Honestly, they all look kinda like mutts to me. And that one does look like a roo - but by this age I'd imagine it would by crowing.
Thanks! I changed the descriptions because it wasn't showing up with the correct photos. The first picture with the three chickens is for the one in the foreground...the two in the background are pictured separately in the second and fourth pics. I thought the Rhode Island Red is the one with the largest crest with iridescent tail feathers...the one that I'm hoping is not a roo. Mutts for any or all of them wouldn't surprise me though! Thanks!
first one's a black sexlink hen, second one I'm not sure but I don't think it's an EE and it looks suspiciously male to me. Third one yes, I'm sorry but it is a red roo. :( Last one is a production red hen, I think they call it a cinnamon queen?
hi kristeinjones!! your hen is a light sussex! they are good layers , and are very popular in shows (at least in ireland) really friendly overall temperments too!
first one looks like a blackrock!? second one im not sure of , 3rd one rhode island red definatley! dont think its a rooster :/ my two rhode island reds have huge combs , same size as my scots dumpy rooster!! and both produce eggs. 4th one is a rhode island red based hybrid! think shes a columbian blacktail!
Thank you so much everyone so far! After getting your thoughts and looking at some more information on those breeds I am now fairly positive of 3 of them. The white one (second pictured) is the one still in question. had some awesome pics that look EXACTLY like the first and fourth ladies.

Pic 1:
Black sex-link (copied from their website: Black Sex-Links use a red male for the father. Either a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire may be used. Black Sex-Links are produced using a Barred Rock as the mother.)

Pic 2:
Not sure

Pic 3:
Rhode Island Red - still holding out hope that it's not a male but could be. There is no formation of the spur yet (at about 5 months old) and looks like many hens have longer combs, crests and tail feathers that would generally look like a male in a lot of breeds.

Pic 4:
Red sex-link (cinnamon queen): (Silver Laced Wyandotte crossed with New Hampshire gives the Cinnamon Queen.)
Spurs don't come in till around 1 year. He's probably going to crow very soon. If it were a hen, it would have an identical comb in size, and shape to the black sexlink in your first picture and would be red. Hens also don't have those beautiful green feathers on the tail.

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