Four young Roosters near Knoxville TN need new homes

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    Hatched our first chicks this summer, 13 of 'em. We always hear that law of averages says if you hatch half will be hens and half roosters. Well they were, 6 hens, 7 roosters. We are keeping one and two of the boys have gone to new homes already but we still have 4 that need to move on. Their parents came from Meyer hatchery. The father of all of 'em is an Easter Egger/Ameraucana. Not sure of the moms of three of 'em--one may be a Welsummer, one a Wyandotte and one I'm pretty sure came from a Golden Lakenvelder, They are all red, two your standard Kellogg's Corn Flakes roos. The one I suspect from the lakenvelder mom has a lot more black markings and a black head. The last on is interesting. Like his brothers, his father is an EE---beautiful multi-colored guy. We have one EE/Ameraucana hen that lays green eggs which is what he hatched out of. So I know his mother is a brown EE. He however is white with very light brown/pinkish markings (the standard EE roo brown) on his wings. Interestingly we hatched a second green egg which turned out to be a hen--his full sister. She is solid white.

    I mostly want to know that if someone takes these fellows they will be treated humanely. All our chickens have names (these are Ed, Andy, Mack and Obie) and eating them is not a possibility for us. If someone else does I'm fine with it so long as, again, it done humanely. I'm leery of Craigslis---I don't want them used to bait fighting roosters. We are about 20 miles outside Knoxville if anyone is interested. Glad to send you photos.

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