Fowl pox, Favus, or something else?

Heather from Florida

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Nov 17, 2020
On Wednesday, November 11, we discovered yellowish blisters on Bonnie's comb. She's a 7-month-old Brown Leghorn who just started laying about two weeks ago. I shared her pic with local chicken keepers who said that she has Fowl Pox. I isolated her immediately and began giving her electrolytes, vitamins, and probiotics in her water. While she didn't drink or eat much the first day or two, she has seemed perfectly fine the last three days and has even laid an egg almost every day. I've been treating the spots with iodine. We vaccinated the rest of the flock on Friday and have been giving them the special water too. On Monday, Bonnie's blisters still look pretty much the same, and she still has just three. The blisters have not broken or scabbed over.

My sister doesn't live nearby, but she's kept chickens for years. I finally shared the picture with her last night, and she doesn't think it's Fowl Pox. She suggested Favus, but there is no powdery residue anywhere on Bonnie.

Anyone know what the spots are? Any help is appreciated! Since I'm a backyard chicken keeper in the city, there isn't a nearby vet who treats chickens.
It looks like fowl pox to me. As the spots grow, they turn darker but they can be this color in the beginning. Fowl pox can last for weeks before you see the spots fall off.
Great job at acting fast!!
It does look like fowl pox, but the scabs tend to form and turn brown. Usually there are more spots and can affect others in the flock. Are you seeing more? If you have better pictures closeup, it might help.
When I checked her a few hours ago, the spots do look like they are starting to dry up and turn black. I didn't take a picture because between the iodine and the wound cream, the picture wouldn't show much! She also has a very small black spot on her wattle. That spot looks more like the pics I've seen online. So far, none of the other girls are showing spots.

Since you are being so helpful, when do you think I can return her to the flock? I removed her a week ago tomorrow, and Friday will be a week since the vaccinations. I was thinking to let her rejoin her friends on Saturday? The rest of the flock should be immune by then unless the vaccine failed, and if it failed, they will just have to take their chances. I don't think she'll survive four weeks of isolation because she's very agitated at being separated. Weekends are the only time that we can spend time watching the re-integration process.

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