Fowl Pox in My Flock

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    After hours of research, I have come to the realization that my chickens have fowl pox. Every single one of them exhibits small, black dots on their comb and waddles (some more serious than others but never as intense as what you find on google) even the bantams, which are separate from the large fowl flock. I'm observing a drop in egg production, some sluggishness, as well as one of the wyandottes (who also hurt her leg, which is healing very slowly) appears to be ill with a dirty bottom and digesting very slowly. I got the large fowl flock on Oxytetracycline, suggested by The Chicken Health Handbook, as well as the bantams are on nutri-drench to keep their immune systems up. Anything else I could be doing?


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    Sounds like you're doing good! Yes, the only thing you can do for birds with fowlpox is to boost their immune systems. As a note, in the future, since you have had the disease on your property, make sure to vaccinate all new birds. Hope your chickens get better soon!
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    You need to isolate the infected birds, you should check the air ways and clean the air ways with cotton and iodine and remove any scabs that may blocking it. The scabs can be a platform for secondary Bacterial infection, so you can give 0.5gr/gallon Tetracycline for 3 days as prevention, you should follow with vitamins treatment. The disease should pass after 2-4 weeks. The survivors will be immune. Good lock Benny You also should control the flys and mosquito population in your flock.

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