Fowl Pox now? Really?

3 Chicks

10 Years
Jul 18, 2012
I really thought fowl pox was more of a summer illness. However, this is the last of my chickens to get it. I have noticed some mosquitos in their coop. Don't know why?? It's really dry in there.

Anyway, do you agree this is fowl pox? I couldn't get a picture of the other has a small yellow dot similar in size to this one.

My girls have an egg laying deadline of Thursday (they are 26 weeks old)!!!

Fowl pox can occur anytime of the year. The black spot in the pic doesnt look like fowl pox to me, maybe she was pecked by one of your other birds. The small yellow dot on the other wattle could be a wound that has healed. If your birds had fowl pox, you'd know it.
I dont understand why you're referring to an egg laying deadline of Thursday...even if your birds did HAVE fowl pox, the eggs are safe to eat.
Thanks for the reply...I was joking about the egg deadline. I thought though, with fowl pox, chickens didn't lay eggs for a while. Is that right?

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