Fowl pox or pecking injury?

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    Mar 24, 2016
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    [​IMG] She doesn't have the white/yellow spots that seem to be classic fowl pox. Could this be from being pecked??
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    I'd say it looks more like an injury than fowl pox. Whether it's from pecking or possible lice/mites is the question. Checkaround her vent and other loosly feathered areas to see if there are any eggs or visible adults. If you see any, either get some lice powder or give her a bath every two days for a total of three baths. You would need to do this for the dust, too. Giving multiple treatments kills any recently hatched ones.
    Her comb looks dry, too. Put a little coconut oil on her comb to moisturize it; that will help it heal faster.
    Hope this helps!

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