Fowl Pox vaccine question?


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May 6, 2009
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I just vaccinated my chicks with Chick-N-Pox vaccine. Several local breeders recomended the pox vaccine due to the prevalence of pox and the huge population of mosquitoes in our area. I'm planning to re-vaccinate with Poxine after all of the chicks reach the recommended age. My problem is like everyone else LOL, is that I have a few extra cockerels that I want to re-home some time soon.

Is it safe to re-home them to flocks that may not be vaccinated for Fowl pox?

After vaccinations, what would be a safe "quarantine" period until I can re-home the cockerels?

I'd appreciate any advice,

Hmmm, I am interested in this answer as well. I have never not rehomed a bird due to recent fowl pox vaccine. I will be vaxing soon myself for this. The only thing I could find was a warning saying not to use within 21 days of slaughter (probably because of the antibiotic in it).

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