Fowl smell from pullets nostrils :(

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    May 1, 2013
    Hi all,

    I got two little pullets one 8 weeks & one 10 weeks, when I got them home I noticed the youngest had a fowl smell coming from the nostrils. This was three weeks ago & no real improvement since! I have been ptting garlic in their water & wiping her nose daily, this morning when I went out to check on them the youngest had sticky mucous inside her beak... Can anyone offer some advice? I did let the breeder know know when I brought them home they werent 100% healthy. She replied with that they get sick from time to time as do humans.....I must admit Im slightly ticked off that she sold them to me in poor condition... However the situation is that I want them to get better so any advice would be very much appreciated :)
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    Look up coryza as it is associated with a bad smell I have read.


    Also look up carrier status....

    For a definite diagnosis, a necropsy can be sent - you can contact your state vet or county extension agent (requires bird to be put down or deceased).

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