Fox attack, advice needed


8 Years
Jan 23, 2012
I have a large turkey hen (broad breasted bronze) that was attacked by a fox this afternoon, I ran out and chased it off and she is in shock but hanging in there. She has a few bites on her neck, none bled heavily and she has some control over her head/neck but she doesn't seem able to lift it on her own past about half way. Do I cull? If so is it safe to eat? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I'd say to keep an eye on her for a day or two and if she isn't getting better then the best thing to do would be to cull her. She should be safe to eat, but to be safe don't keep any parts that has been bitten.
Thank you for the reply Stewed Mammal, we decided last night she wasn't going to make it and went ahead and processed her with special care to discard a large area around the bites and her neck where the majority of the injury was. I'll be sure and thoroughly cook her as well, guess she'll get to be thanksgiving after all...

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