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Apr 16, 2014
There was a fox attack in our Washington, DC henhouse. Footage of the attack, which killed one of my barred rocks, was captured by the video camera in the hen house. The relevant clip is here:

I spent the morning reinforcing the fence, laying down chicken wire around the base of the run. The buried chicken wire extends between 12 inches and 18 inches from the fence line around the perimeter of the run. I am wondering if participants here think that is enough?

My run is relatively large and contains a dogwood tree, two bushes and other features that make it impractical to lay down chicken wire below the entire ground. But perhaps I need to go further out.

I think the fox jumped through a gap in fence or, more likely, pushed underneath the fence. Those entry points have been hardened/removed. But--since I chased him off and he did not get to take poor Mirabella with him--I think this guy will be back soon.


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Feb 28, 2013
Northwest Hills of CT
Very, very sorry for your loss. The video makes it that much worse. Chicken wire is not a great defense against predators. Dogs can bite through it, and a fox it a cousin of the dog. I would secure the coop with hardware wire. It offers much better protection against attackers. Can you lock the coop up so nothing can get in or go out? I lock mine down every night. So far, I've never had a successful attack at night. Hope you can secure your birds, as the fox will be back. I would also set some traps around the coop. While foxes are very hard to trap, it is possible.


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Oct 9, 2013
South Western Death Valley, Ca.
So sorry about your loss of Mirabella ..

Nice footage ....

Chicken wire is to detain the chicken not much more ...

If you look at the fencing behind Bob & Aflack you can
get a good idea of strong outer-per-remitter fence should
be and the inter-per-remitter fencing should not be less
then half as weak but smaller holes at less then 1 " .....

Here is a good test for a fence you should be able to kick
it and pull on it and if it stands then it is safe and no loose
ends hole's ect.. IE secure ...

This photo is from last year but I use it all the time for examples
as BYC is not a dead animal show place .....

But I downed one of these yesterday it was playing with my
guinea hen's ....

They are what I call Mall Cop's .....

One question can you shoot pest where you are and yes
I mean predators of the four legged type ...
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