Fox broke my roosters neck...


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Oct 3, 2010
Had a fox attack last night when I forgot to lock up the birds about 3 hours after dark. Heard a rawkus and ran out to find my two hens cowering near my house door and a pile of white rooster feathers next to the coop! Thought it had been nobbled for sure. I went and found my other rooster then put the birds away and went in. After a while I heard some more chicken noises and went to check again, and found the rooster alive! Hiding in a corner. It was missing every feather towards its tail. had its neck feathers permanently raised, and screamed like I have never heard when I grabbed it. I looked carefully and found bloody bit marks along its neck.

Foward to this morning;

All chickens were reluctant to leave house, they were all still shaken up. The rooster had gone droopy. It could no longer hold its head up and seemed to have no control of its neck muscles. Its neck was elongated and floppy. I put some water down the birds throat and put indoors, in a basket that supports its head somewhat. Dont know what else to do.

This rooster was all set to go to a childrens petting zoo in a couple days where it was going to enjoy roaming in spaces much bigger than my backyard, doesn't look too much like its going to make it now.
if it has a broken neck where the invertabrate has not been severed

i would be crual to be kind and say good bye

im very sorry

if i was close to you because your doing such a nice thing i would have been happy to give you a roo for the children
I read an article about a rooster with a Broken neck a couple days ago, the woman said it had happened a couple of times to different chickens of hers and she took them inside kept them warm with a heat lamp on their own and dropped water laced with drops of baby vitamins (ones that contain no iron) into their beaks and fed them yoghurt and soft runny foods. And they all healed on their own.
Don't know if that helps any but good luck with yours x

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