Fox /Coyote trap experience, anyone?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by they'reHISchickens, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Oct 31, 2008
    DH spotted the large coyote trap at TSC last week and now wants to buy one. We do have large raccoons in the woods next door and foxes with coyotes reported about a mile away. The regular size trap does not look large enough for the raccoons we have seen. What intrigued us is the cage within a cage that the trap has for the *bait*. Has anyone used this? Would a banty roo be safe inside there? Perhaps with the whole thing partially under a tarp? Suggestions before we spend $150 on this trap? DH is not a regular hunter and has no patience in sitting and watching for predators. All we have heard is that fox are very hard to trap.
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    That large trap is a piece of POOH, i have had my own dog get out of one and a bobcat as well, the wires that are suppose to keep the trap door closed are made of light weight wire and bend really easy and critters can get out if they work that front side.
    Just wanted to let ya know cause i have one here, good for catchen and holden chickens and ducks though.
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    Oh and their smaller trap will work just fine for catchen a coon the door is solid
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    Jan 27, 2007
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    fox are very hard to trap because they are very smart and cat-like. I personally probably wouldnt put a bantie in the smaller cage, although it really sounds like a GREAT idea, really its live bait what better to trap with? It depends are how the large the wire gaps are and how strong it is. The problem with a coon is that they are very smart and could probably stick an arm or even a whole head in the smaller cage and get the chicken (that is, if the wires are too large). The problems with coyotes is they might bend the wire trying to get out or to get the chicken. For coon, I would say probably a quarter inch wire gap would b ok, but of course a risk is always run with live bait and predators good trapping! :)
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    Coyotes are even more intelligent than fox. It would be very difficult to catch either one in a trap like that.

    And for that price, I would try to make my own.
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    Maybe you could DIY a trap and integrate it into your coop or fencing somehow. Smart predators can be trap-shy but at the same time they have no problems probing your coop for any weakness. So if you created a fake weak point that appears to allow them access but instead is a one-way door they wouldn't be able to get any further inside but also wouldn't be able to get back out the way they came. In effect, you would be using your chickens as live bait but they would still be safe (hopefully).

    I think the live bait is key to getting them to overcome their fear of traps.
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    coyotes coon and fox are pretty stupid and fairly easy to catch for yotes snares are the bomb at crawl unders at fences, fox and coon are easiet to catch with foot hold type traps after I set a trap I exspect to have the fox the next day most weeks this happens google "dirt hole set " or "flat set " the top coupla links are really good info
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    I was looking into traps - buying one. I went for building my own. It cost me maybe $15 tops. I used pressured treated 2x4s and 1x4s, a small piece of plywood, heavy gauge wire fence I had and some string. It's set tonight - I'll let ya know if it works! I've got a raccoon/bobcat problem. I posted a picture of it in the 'decapitating and eating the guts' thread.
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