Fox doing a good job for a change.


11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Cheshire, MA

This is a pic of a fox with her mouth full of rats. She was trotting down a sidewalk in a very residential area (in a city a couple towns away). She got just past me and then ducked down a driveway and went out towards the woods.

Now, if the foxes around here would only go after the rats and leave the chickens alone, I would be a very happy camper.
It was the strangest thing. I was driving down the road, saw something trotting on the sidewalk. I initially thought it was a loose dog. I went by it, saw it was a fox, turned around and went back. That pic was taken with a camera phone, through the windshield. I tried to clean it up a bit so you could see the rats a bit clearer.

I think she was out hunting all night and once she had a mouthful, went home to feed her kits.
That's a great shot!!! And such a pretty fox.

When I was a kid I often saw foxes during the day, though never trotting down a sidewalk! -- I didn't think they were nocturnal. Are they?

Who knew?
See.. everything has a place in nature..
We just cant always see it.
You kill the foxes in your area..soon you may be complaining of a rat infestation...
Oh that is a great picture...they really are beautiful. Looks like Mom getting ready to feed some young ones. They are out in the daylight hours for sure...especially near towns and cities and when they have young ones in a den. I passed a coyote not long ago on I-75...he was going North and I was going South about 11 in the morning. LOL
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