Fox got 4 hens today! :( Tell me about electic on existing fence


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Sep 23, 2009
Northern Virginia
HI all, Sad news. Came home to red fox with roo in mouth. Roo got away, but lost 4 hens ~and the two roosters are haggard and in shock, as am I.

Our 12 chickens (aw, now 8) free range on 2 acres, surrounded completely with wood 3-board fencing with wire mesh. They all go into secure coop/barn at night.

I'm looking at electric fencing. I'd like the chickens to still free range the whole property. How do you recommend we fox proof our existing fence?

Thank you. And pics of your situation, if you have a similar one, would be GREAT!
i would like to know time a dog trys anything stupid
LOL buzz!
and perhaps fence the whole property?
i lost some this morning too
im soo frick'in sorry about your loss >.<
I have heard that there is a way to bury chicken wire into the ground around the fence to keep foxes from digging under. Does anyone know about how to do this correctly?

Thank you
Most predators can get through chicken wire fairly easily. 1/2" hardware cloth is the best to keep them out.

Installing an electric fence on an existing fence isn't too difficult. If the fence posts are wood then you can use the nail on insulators. If they are T posts then you may be able to use the T post insulators. Get the bottom wire down low (5" to 6" off of the ground) with a couple more above it. Also be sure to use multiple ground rods.

A good ole boy that sold me my WLs and SSs had wires running low on every coop that he had and he said that he doesn't have any problems with raccoons or foxes. They get bit once and they stay away.

Post some pics of your fence if you need more ideas.

Sorry about your loss of birds.
Besides the ground wire, how high off the top of the fence should I set the top wire to prevent climbing over (which is how our fox get through).
I see insulators that would place a wire 6" or 9" over the top or angled out and away from the fence. ???

Who can I call to install this?

Thank you.

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