Fox - The smartest predator


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
On April 10, 2014, a fox entered my back yard killed my most favorite RI red rooster, 5 heavy egg laying leghorns and 2 red stars. The chickens were free range, so that was easy for the fox to raid. I placed all the rest of the chickens in their 10x10 coop with 10x10 enclosed run to wait for a free day so I could make the run bigger for them. The fox came back , she climbed about 6 feet height and entered a 10" x 24" on top of the run door to kill another egg laying duck. The fox ,somehow, killed the duck and retrieved out the run with the duck - I found the body of the duck about 20 feet away from the door. I closed that hole, secured the top to hope for that was the last raid of this fox. Not too long, this morning I came out to check out my flock. This fox again got on the top of the run, opened a hole to enter the run, she again killed 2 more red stars and 2 ducks . I still don't understand how this fox could get out the enclosed run with a small open on top.
Now I have to close the coop with chickens and a lonely left over duck inside until I secure the run. This fox is smart.
Thanks everyone for reading this post.
What state are you located in ? I've seen a foxes out during the day over the past few weeks here in Southern Indiana.
They are VERY persistent. They will dig in and under a regular type fence, after you fix the top of your run. Electrified poultry net was the answer here. Easy to set up, and surround a much larger area for far less $$$ than a wood framed hardware clothed fenced run. I lost many to the fox before I got this fence. One of the best things I've done, as far as the chickens are concerned.
My history with the fox is about the same big time loss and only
an electric fence or a really heave fence will keep them out and
fencing berried into the ground and a heave enough wire that
it's teeth will brake before getting in and chicken wire will not
work to keep a fox out ...

Very clever animal and if you can use traps I would get some
as they can be trapped but it takes a bit of learning and the
only way I could get one into a box trap was to put a chicken
on the other side in it's own wire cage for safety and then
stacked fire wood all around booth traps so there was only one
way in and I watched the fox and it took two days before he
decided to go in and get the chicken but not his best decision ..
I had a fox run out from the woods enclosing my yard and jump one of my 6 hens right in front of me. I screamed and the fox ran off inthe opposite direction. He hasn't been back to my knowledge. Our coop is very secure and I haven't seen any indication of predator activity. I only let my hens free range when I'm outside with them, otherwise I think I'd lose them all within a week. Hawks are everywhere too.
We live in NW CT.
I live in Southeastern Massachusetts

By chance do you have any photos of your coop and run
or even where the Fox got in

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