Fractions- A story by miss heny ,reads if you want.

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    This story is a idea that has been running through my head, and finally decided to type, comments are welcomed.

    Its is a Fantasy story, I promise.

    Chapter one

    “Brrring! Brring!” Kaliska cooper brown hand groogily moved to her alarm clock, launching it into the wall, once done she curled up under her warm,fluffy sheets. She did not want to go to school.

    “Honey, time to wake up!” A familiar, calming voice said down stairs, her mother.

    Kaliska moaned, but slowly got up, groogily blinking her deep sea green eyes. She has a funny feeling about today, but none the less brush her redish-brown hair, doing her best to tame it and got dress.

    “Ready to school today dear?' Her mother green eyes studied her attire, as always they seem to look at her hair trying to figure out how to tame it. She flashed her a warm smiled, satisfied.

    “Nope.” She said, stuffing the premade waffle in her mouth.

    “Dear, it not that bad.” Her mother gave a force smile, that was a lie, this was a her third school in two years, the last one burning down.

    Her mother looked at the clocked, “Oh dear, we are both going to be late before we go, love you honey, be careful on the bus.” She rushed out of the door before Kaliska could reply back, something of which they would both soon regret.

    Kaliska made sure the house was locked before making a bee-line to the bus stop, watching as her breath came out in puffs of white air, waiting for the bus. In time other kids came, all hanging in their clicks.

    She stood by herself why a boy, about 17-18 stood beside her, as much as she hated to admit it he had a decent built, and alluring jade green eyes. Like all the kids he was bundled up, it wasn't looking before the bus thankfully came and they crammed themselves in.

    “Hey,” A deep male voice said as she said down, “mine if I sit beside you?” She noted, while nodding yes, that he had a odd accent. He smiled, “Thanks.”

    Her green eyes watched as the sleepy southern town flew by in the windows, once in a while she would see a horse and a buggy as the bus picked up other kids. She narrowed her eyes when she swore she saw a giant wolf in the middles of one of the fallows corn fields but said nothing, she was just seeing things again... Right?

    Kaliska looked at the direction of the 'popular' crowd as girls with so much make up on she swore one would need a shovel to remove it laugh at her direction, she noted the boy rolled his eyes at them, clearly annoyed. Her instinct to hide kicked in when one of the girls, a Asian looking one, walked up. “Hey, whatcha sweet boy like you sitting with her?” She purred, battering her neon pink lashes.

    The rumors already had spread, Kaliska thought in dread. “There a seat open over were I am.” The Asian girl smirked, “Name is May by the way.”

    The boy, much to Kaliska surprise seemed to paled in fear for a split second before gathering himself, “No, I am fine where I sit.” He said, his olive tan skin returned to it normal color.

    May scowled then sweetly smiled, “Okay then.” She gave the model walk to her click.

    He seemed to relax after she left.

    This is going to be a weird day, Kaliska decided as the bus stopped again, oh how close what she to the truth.
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    XD I see you Spockroach....

    Chapter two nearly done.. [​IMG]
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    u don't care about me reading do u
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    I do Owl! :3 I do! XD

    Chapter 2

    Kaliska was the last off the bus, she looked at her locker number on the sticky note and went to hunt for it, braving the crowds. Her green eye scanned the boring grey metal boxes. It wasn't long before she found it and started to fiddle with the lock, failing at even remotely opening it. “Come on! Of all the things... A metal box is beating me.” She growled, not noticing the same boy from the bus quietly opening his, his cover was soon blown as he listened to her words and started snickering.

    “That one is a sticky one, gotta hit it twice then try the number.” He snickered, brushing his natural blonde hair out of his face. She noticed the scar on his pale eyebrow.

    “Is it always like this?” She mumbled.

    “Pretty much, only newbies get stuck with the thing, next year you'll have a new one.” He assured. “Just don't lite it on fire to open it..” He watched her reaction.

    Kaliska looked away, her face flushed, “So it already got to here?” She muttered.

    “Burning down a school? Hard not to be spread around.” He commented.

    “I...The wires were faulty, doesn't anyone read the police reports?” She mumbled, hitting the locker in anger twice, and soon got it open. She stuffed her things in it in anger.

    “Indeed... Names Darin.” He said.


    Kaliska winced as the bell went off, she got the books she needed and ran off. Something was odd with that boy, what she didn't know...Yet.

    Later on that day lunch came, she scanned the crowded room and found a quiet spot to eat, not noticing the black hair boy in the shadows at first, but it wasn't long.

    Her eyes widen when she thought at first he had snake eyes, but they seem to quickly changed. After that she stuffed her food in her mouth, wanting to get away from this, boy, as quickly as possible. No need to start trouble on the first day, she thought. Once done she high tailed out.

    Darin glared at the boy, who gave a sharky smirk, as if challenging him.

    Kaliska went to her class, not seeing the looks exchanged between the two.

    It was after school the trouble began. Again Snake-eyes seemed to just appear beside her, “Hey, Kaliska right?” He seemed to hiss his S's, she nodded, her instincts told her to run, and she should of listened to them.
    He smirked, “Lovely name.” The school yard has cleared by then, and Kaliska was given permission by her mother to walk the small southern town, so her bus had already left, leaving her alone with...It.

    She gave a force smile, “Thanks.”

    “The meaning... It hasss something to do with the sssea, right?” He smirked as Kaliska tried to inch around him, but failed.

    “I, I think..” She stuttered, yelping as she hit a school wall. He got close, to close for her liking and she tried to push him away as she felt something starting to slither around her ankles, like a snake tail.

    He smirked, watching Kaliska face morph into fear as his face changed. Teeth became like that of a snake, same with his eyes. His skin roughen and darkened, red strips appearing. “Go ahead, scream, that prince is gone and no one is around.” That, was were he was wrong.

    *Wham* A familiar olive tan fist hit Snake-eyes side of the face, making him real back, hitting his side. A scream froze in Kaliska throat as she saw his true form. He was a Naga.

    He hiss, coiling at the sight of Darin, “You should really watch the buses more.” He snorted, his jade green eyes flared in annoyance.

    “This is not your domain, your highness.” the Naga sneered, “So leave her to me, she sees too well.”

    “Forget it.” He looked at Kaliska, “Run.” Was all he said to her, and she did. Again she ran into something, this time a make-up plastered female. May, but something was, off with her.

    Her eyes were suckened, as if of a zombie. She gave a gory grin to her, black to no teeth in her mouth, replacing the pearl whites that Kaliska clearly remembered from the bus. This time a scream, but one of pain, escaped her lips as black claws dugged into her arm, pain searing through her body.

    Darin cursed, he removed his necklace, a flash of light fill the yard, forcing May to remove her poison nails from Kaliska, who before making a painful contact with the hard ground was caught by Darin. He made a split choice to jump through the portal. My father is going to kill me, he thought to himself. He looked up at the sound of hooves.

    “Raztac!” He hollered, watched as a centaur, his stocky gyspy vanner, black and white paint body skid to a stop before nearly running them over.

    “Darin.” The old centaur face scowled at the sight of Kaliska, “What have you gotten yourself into now boy?”

    “Naga, ghoul, posion, killing her.” He huffed.

    Raztac rolled his eyes, “Come one, lets go, you in for it now, forget going back to that place again.”

    Darin rolled his eyes, but got on . He listened to the fainting breathing of Kaliska, wondering if this odd female would make it.
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    Cool! I can tell this is going to be an interesting story. [​IMG] BTW: I like your name choices! [​IMG]
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    The name Darin brings back, ahem, BOE memories. >->
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    ROFL truth be told I typed this when net was out, so I just did the names that came to mind [​IMG] Darin is NOT like that Darin...
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    Ooooh he better not be. From what I hear from Chic, I'm 99.9% certain that some more fists are gonna fly between Blake and the scum [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]I promise.

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