"Fragile Egg"


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I am still waiting for my first egg from my "babies" and I might have had one today, not sure. I have 3 grown RIR's that are molting and have not laid in 2 weeks. I have a GLW, also molting and she lays everyday like a champ, like tanned colored eggs. Picked her's up today and went out this afternoon with a "treat" and looked (I always look) and there was an egg in one of the top nesting boxes. It was big, pointy and tan in color like my GLW Goldies. When i went to pick it up it cracked at the pointy top? The only ones I have "about" ready are a SLW and White Leghorns, so rule the Whites out. Could my SLW have laid that one? Why fragile? I read where sometimes the first egg is big and double yoke, this one was big but not double, just a VERY large yoke. Also, it had a white ring around the egg like it might have been stuck in her or she had a hard time getting it out.
Any comments would be great. Thank you, and I'm just so excited it that was Matilda's first egg.


This is her, pic taken Monday.

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