Fragile, rumpled eggshells on young hen(s)

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    I have been getting 2 odd looking eggs from my hens each day for some weeks now. The shells are extremely fragile; they have a very rough, pitted pointy end, and sometimes there are tiny bits of shell on the inside of the egg.

    The hens have oyster shells free choice, and are all free range birds. I have 12 hens; the two laying these odd eggs are Ameruacana(EE). We have identified one as a young hen, about 14 moths old, the other is about 2 1/2 years.

    Is this some kind of disease, or is it a nutrient deficiency? They are getting layer rations; on free range pasture, and I give them snacks/treat in the afternoon, of fresh kitchen foods: lettuce, quinoa, yogurt, dried milk powder, oats, tomatoes, fruit etc.

    Anybody have any ideas or had this too - how did you fix it, or should these hens be "retired"?

    TC - thanks

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