Fragile yolks and second broodiness

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    We have a hen who is laying an egg a day but the yolks break instantly when cracked open. Is there a deficiency in the diet perhaps? Is this something to worry about? Also, she hatched 6 chicks on the 4th July and today started sitting on 7 more eggs. How often will a hen hatch eggs?
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    I did not see anything in these two sites that directly addresses the weak yolk problem. Are the eggs getting very warm? It might help to gather more often and keep the eggs cooler. It also may be a genetic defect in the hen if her eggs have always been this way. And it is possible there may be a nutrient deficiency. I don't know. I'll admit I'm guessing.

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    How often a hen goes broody depends on the hen. Some never do. Some go broody three times a year.

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