Franken Egg


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
Found this odd egg in the nest box yesterday. Looks like it tried to break internally but got recalcified. I know one of my hens has been having issues, super thin eggs that break in the nest box or shelless eggs. Havne't been able to figure out which one since they are all acting hllathy with bright red combs.


They have free access to oyster shell and layer feed, plus they feed range all weekend and at least 5 hours a day during the week. 4 of my hens are about 3 yrs old, so I'm assuming it's one of them. The only one I'm sure it's not is the easter egger.


Has Fainting Chickens
14 Years
Dec 25, 2007
Chaparral, New Mexico
Well you see,, this is what happened: The young hen was trying to lay her egg,,, and knowing that a few of her eggs had issues in the past she really wanted this egg to be perfect! So as she was laying her lovely egg, she was startled by another hen and accidently broke her egg in half! So she ran into your house and found your super glue and very carefully glue her egg back together. Unfortunately the liquid super glue also melted the edges of the egg together so it looked like it had broken on the inside,, but then she though that she couldn't be blamed if it broke from the inside out, because she laid it that way!

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