Freak Early Molt?


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Aug 5, 2018
In early November my 8 mo old Little Joe had started changing her mood from sweet to stand-offish and decreased energy. Her comb became more and more pale, then shrank. She stopped laying and would start her day with energy, then stop in the middle of the yard, and just stay still. Sometimes lay down and not move for 20 minutes. Then she would be up again. She started losing feathers, just a few, behind her neck, then some tail and wing, then a few others. Now her comb looks like it is getting bigger and she has some points in the day when the color returns. She does not seem like she is losing feathers, and filling back in. She has not begun laying again and still not high energy like before, and mood is still not back to loving layer. I have read it is not possible for them to molt in their first fall. Checked for pests, none. They take occassional dirt baths, she seens to enjoy those. Her eyes are bright and open. She still plays around, but seems to tire. They eat organic layer feed and I supplement separate oyster grit and meal worms. They are free back yard range. I add a layer multi vitamin and probiotic to their waterer with additional fresh water access. Any suggestions?

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