Freaking out, do black copper marans have a harder time breaking out


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Nov 27, 2010
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Tell me to do nothing..tell me to do nothinG


2 eggs left, right at this moment it's day 22
But the one egg has been pipped with a wide open area for a solid 20's beak is trying to stick out through the membrane..that is there..but doesn't look as soft as earlier, I think the membrane is drying out..but..heck then again I don't know.

All I know is, I so want to open up the bAtor and pull those 4 out that have been hatched since yesterday..I did open the bator up once to grab the two out that hatched day 24 hours before. I did this because I couldn't take them..smooched and rolling the egg almost open,back down..etc

My fear is.. Most all my eggs hatch day 20.. It feels like those that starting pipping yesterday and still not out iam freaking out

Now afraid, membrane is drying out..but then again..what do I know..nadah

Looking at the bator there is still steam on the glass in places..

So it is now officially day 22..all eggs before that have hatched.... have all hatched before day 22

My water has to be really low in the bator as well..
Mini advance brisnea

Wait it out tonight?
Or reach in and grab the 4 out and wipe the other egg with water?

The other egg no pip yet

Thanks all..

I swear this time with this hatch iam on pins and needles

Because the last two eggs are the only black copper marans

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I have hatched 100's of BCM eggs and YES, they have a very tough time getting through that tough shell. In the past I have helped out a little by picking off tiny bit of the shell, but I have had many many die at the stage of beak barely through the shell. They seem to fizzle out. If you do help, do it little by little and if you see red blood, stop immediatly. I sell lots of BCM eggs in winter when the birds all run together for eating and several of my customers state they have to use hammers to crack them open! They are quite hard, but I think they peel better if boiled.

Good luck, I know your frustration, Marans are the hardest to hatch birds I have ever raised.

If you have moisture on the windows, you do not need to add more. That is alot of humidity to cause moisture drops on the window.

I never help my Marans hatches out. They hatch just as easily as all other chicks.

Good luck!
I had one today that pipped yesterday and his little buddies decided to help him out. They pecked the pipped area to the size of a quarter with his little beak right in the middle of the hole. The membrane dried out and he is matted and has about a third of the shell stuck to his backside. Looks more like a turtle than a chick... but he is out.

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