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Jul 31, 2016
Hello everyone!
I am a 29 y/o disabled Veteran who wants to provide sustenance for himself and his family. I have a very deep passion for the care of animals. I have felt a need my whole life to protect and provide for those weaker and worse off than I am. My animals give me a peace I have searched for and was not able to obtain for what felt like a lifetime. If I could I would buy 1000 acres and disappear with them forever.
I will keep that intro short and post a reply on this thread with more info of my chickens and my short history trying to get to a semi self sufficient lifestyle.

I tend live a crazy life at every given moment. I typically get 1 day a week to actually spend at my home and do things that I want to do. (Spend time with the dog, chickens and rabbits, or re build broken down motorcycles from the 70's.) The rest is either full time work, then add on full time night college courses during the school year, therapy sessions every 2 weeks with the Vet Center, and then helping people who need me at random times.
Needless to say I always take on more than I can chew but in the end it still gets done thankfully!

As far as my chickens, I started with 2 RI Reds. I call those my robotic egg making factories! 3 years old now and still put out 1 egg every 32hrs or so. They live in an 8' x 6' x 8' A frame coop. They have 2 roommates currently. Until this year I had only added a few chickens here and there that didn't work out. At one point I took on a few ducks but predators wreaked havoc on my animals and took 5. 4 ducks and 1 7m/o laying hen. I had a good bond with the male duck who was a protector like me. He had literally tried to fight a hawk and a fox in his short time with me. When I found him he was outside of the coop and there were feathers scattered. I believe he fought his last fight with a fox. I went into a depressed and angry state for 2 weeks. I set traps and was like a watch dog every second I was home. Luckily the predator hasn't returned in over a year.

Now I have a total of 2 pens (the 8' one and now a 16'x24'). The second pen is a rectangle that currently houses 11 chickens and a "play pen" for my 2 previously breeder and now pet rabbits. There are 2 small separate coops for the chickens there and they have chosen to live in one of them. Hiding the eggs as far from the 2'x2.5' entrance as possible. I had to cut a hidden access on the back side this morning and they were all about seeing what was happening to their house.

I feel that is more than enough writing so I will end it there before I bore too many people!

Thanks again,
Greetings from Kansas, Freddie, and :welcome. Great to have you aboard. First let me say I salute your service. Sounds like you are well on your way to your self-sufficient lifestyle. Good luck to you and your family.
Hi :welcome Freddie

Glad you could join us here! It sounds like things are coming on great and I have loved reading your intro! You sure do sound like you are super busy with everything that you do right now. Wishing you the very best of luck for the future and enjoy your time here on BYC :frow

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