Free 11 wk old Australorp Rooster-Sacramento, CA


May 4, 2015
Hello! I am new to posting on BYC but have been reading for a couple of years, since I started having back yard chickens.
We recently (11wks ago) got some baby chicks that were all supposed to be gals. Unfortunately, one turned out to be a little Roo and he has recently started to crow. I need to find a home for him ASAP!! If anyone is interested, please contact me.
Thanks so much for looking and I'm hoping to find him a good home....soon! :) ~Cynthia
Hi Cynthia! I will be happy to get your Australorp rooster. I live here in Northern California and will happy to pick-up your rooster at your convenience. Please let know so I can schedule everything. Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you.

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