FREE 5 month old SLW Rooster TN *PICTURES*

blue fire

14 Years
May 2, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN
Jojo free to good home in Middle TN. will not ship, drop off or pick up only, will meet half-way if reasonable distance (we live in murfreesboro). NOT FOR EATING PURPOSES!
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may i ask why you are geting rid of this very beautiful rooster? what breed is he? sorry i am new to the whole chicken breed thing. is he used to being free range or caged? how old is he? oh yea... i live in columbia... well between franklin and columbia. closer to franklin. send me a message back please
whoops... sorry for asking bout the age? guess i shoulda paid better attention to the forgive me, it is early and i haven't had my coffee yet.
It's OK I understand

We cannot have roosters where we live. We were kind of hoping he would not crow, but he does. He is free range, and he is a silver laced Wyandotte. He is not done growing yet, but when he is done he should look like this

well i would love to have him... he is soo pretty and i already have 3 free range chickens about the same age as your (hopefully soon to be my) rooster. i have a very big yard in the country and everyone around me has chickens as well so the crowing will not be a problem... my RIR Roo starts crowing everyday at 3am and doesn't stop until can we arrange a way to transport him? hope to hear from you soon.

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