free baby chicks in there coop and run lots of pics

cary 1973

7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Henderson Nevada aka Las Vegas
coop and run is done (just a few little things left to be done but 99% done)
coop is 8 foot long little over 5 foot wide and 5 foot high
chick run one part is 4 x 4 and then walk way is 2 x4

looking through front window

Ramp to purch

Purch bar by ramp

view looking in from back window abouve walk way looking to end of coop

happy chicks in the run

this chicken run is just till they are full grown then they will move to the whole area of there coop its a 7 foot brick wall on my side and over 8 feet on the other side but I still have lots of work to make it safe for them plue we do have crows. i hope its big enough for them they are 5 weekies old maybe older and will have this run for at least 3 months or till they start to lay eggs
black and whites are exchequer leghorns

coop was made mostly out of scrap wood and the rest i spend about 100 for wire screws 2x2 for frames and purch bar. i still need to paint the out side and put roofing tile on it othere wise im done not sure if i will paint or varnish it

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